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Welcome at website of Erdőhorváti Mill Resort.

Erdőhorváti is one of the most beautiful village of Tokaj-Zemplén mountains. Residents are hospitable, nature lover people. The environments are rich in natural endowments: for example special minerals (chalcedony, opals, quartz), springs, wild animals, forest fruits and mushrooms. The hundred year old trees and old buildings are also common. The most of the village is covered by a network of wine cellars. Their unique microclimatic feature was suitable for storage and maturation of the famous Tokaj wines, especially “aszú”. The most of village’s environ is the part of Zemplén Landscape Protection Area and Tokaj Wine Region as well, popular place for the collector of minerals and hikers. The inhabitants follow the wisdom and traditions of bygone days and preserve values of the village.

The Mill Resort is situated at a quiet place of Erdőhorváti and was the first storied building in the centre of the village. A road lead to the building (H-3935 Erdőhorváti Kassai str. 74.), and a park and the junction of Little and Wide Tolcsva creeks can be found behind. For additional fee car and road manager (as driver) is obtainable, which would request everywhere in Hungary. The resort is fully equipped, cooking, washing capabilities with twice weekly cleaning, grill and stew pot tools at the courts. The building originally was a mill, and the storey was used as residence. The powerful stone walls radiate calm, the rays of morning sunlight can be admire from the balcony. It is ideal for families, couples, businessmen, companies alike and the rental fee can be account as cost. The resort is rentable for only a weekend but in case of longer term rental we give meaningful reduction in price..

The Erdőhorváti Salt cellar is free of charge and unrestricted use for our guests. guided tours, wild animal stalking horse riding Upon request home delivery menu and table service We warmly welcome everyone who wants a physical and spiritual refreshments.  

Non smoker resort and staff !  


Telefon: 06 20 258 44 88
Bőr Tímea
H 3935 Erdőhorváti, Kassai u. 74



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