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Szép kártya elfogadás erdőhorvátiban Szép kártya elfogadás erdőhorvátiban Szép kártya elfogadás erdőhorvátiban erzsébet utalvány lfogadás erdőhorvátiban

Dear Visitors! Welcome to St. Elisabeth of Hungary Memorial in Erdőhorváti. The memorial was sanctified by Szőke Gábor parish priest in 2011.
The Pilgrimage, which steps over borders, goes between Sárospatak and Kassa, it  passes Erdőhorváti too. It is a huge honour for us, and it gives possibility for the pilgrims an turists to get to know ours small village and the culture of the people in Hegyalja.
The St. Elisabeth Memorial is situated under  Temető Street 3. in Erdőhorváti. In the old days this place was a cellar, which was found under a cemetry in the baron’s land. When it was bulit, an old cellararm was found, which is walled up at present time.
 It is a religious place , until the middle of XVIII. century it was used as a cemetery. Somewhere we can find some readable graves. Under the monumental maple of the cemetery there was a cross placed in 1856, from this cross the hole village can be seen.


Along the journey the pilgrims can pay tribute to St Elisabeth at this memorial here in Erdőhorváti, they can have a rest, gather strength to continue the journey. They can read and write notes in the memory album, in which the first notes were written at the open pilgrimage.
They can get information about the pilgrimage and about St. Elisabeth of Hungary.  Their travel booklet is authenticated with a special stamp.
The memorial is a 75 m. by-pass from the signed path. We would like to express our respect and tribute to all pilgrims, who join in this pilgimage. In the internal cellar domestic visitor’s table service is operated too. To get this service prior reservation is needed. They can get a meal from the other side of the road with artificery wines int he feeling of the old times.   The meals are baked in a „kabolás” oven, which was bulit after the „kabolás” oven in Komlóska, int he region house, where the only original one can be found in Hungary.  We use wine-colder, cabbage-cure, clay pots, „szilkes”, jugs, clay cauldron for making meals. This objects, which were based on the medieval findings,  were  reconstructed by Horvát Kálmán András, potter folk artist.


Most of our guests meet first here the possibility of pilgrimage and religious tourism. We would like to help them with our service to test themself on one part of the pilgrimage or all along the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is not only a hike, but a travel to the soul.  Along the way they can meet medieval castle-temple, Vallon church from the Árpád’s age, abbey, Premonstratensian Church, and castles, which keep still our history.